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Aim to best service to the world record applicants, World Record Association (WRA) now offer fast channel service to 79 countries from 1st October 2016 to 31 September 2017. Within 5 working day, WRA will have the Preliminary Notice for you; within 10 working day, WRA will have the Review Notice for you. By this way, all the world record applicants can be quickly and easily apply world records.

Fast channel service only cost US$500.00 and only paid after the records is confirmed it is a world record by the WRA. If the records are failed, no need to pay.Wish you good luck with making the world records!

 Declaration procedures are very simple

Step 1: submit your online declaration form;

Send introduction photo and video about the record to the declaration mailbox:

Step 2: wait for the evaluation notice from the World Record Association;

the World Record Association authentication official will communicate with you if there are any different views.

Step 3: You will receive a world record certificate posted by the World Record Association, if the evaluation passes.

Step 4: Take photos with the world record certificate, or make a speech video with the world record certificate after receiving the world record certificate, then send the photo or the video to the declaration email:

Step 5: the World Record Association will release the news of your world record in their official website.

Declaration for the world record of the World Record Association
——Five Reasons——

Media Focus The eyes of the world to attract attention, and become the focus of media chase. 
Honor is priceless The strongest challenge, prove himself; The world first, honor priceless. The eyes of the world to attract attention, and become the focus of media chase. 
Unique The world record, you become a unique, the only sign; One application and permanent benefit. The eyes of the world to attract attention, and become the focus of media chase. 
Value of tangible Make your own or your project value; Get the result that expect is less than. 
Convenient declare  Declare convenient and quick, the enthusiastic service; Not through the charge.

 Application reading

I. Announcement for Application

1. The applicants of world records with WRA must guarantee that the provided information and materials are true.

2. The applicants of world records with WRA must agree that related information and materials may be used by WRA (for publishing books, brochures, magnetic tapes, special videotapes and television rebroadcast and so on).

3. All of the individuals or units who try to challenge or make records must bear any risk by themselves that may be caused by challenging or creating records. World Record Association shall never be responsible for any actual or potential risk as aroused by any attempt (no matter he claims to be a record breaker or any third party).

 II.Conditions for Application

1. You may apply for world records at will.

2. The applying projects can be measured by data. Each world record shall contain at least one data measurement index.

3. “Three Priorities” for the application of world record

A. Project concerning innovations, inventions and scientific and technological progress will be a priority;

B. Project concerning world excellent traditional cultures and positive life entertainment will be a priority;

C. Project with positive meaning for the progress of individuals and society will be a priority.

 III. Standard for Evaluation

1. Project evaluation index is definite and project data is true;

2. Evaluation index ranks the first among the projects of the same kind.

IV. Time and Fee for Application

1. Application for free

For all of the project applications of non-commercial nature, you only need to apply for with the applying procedures for free. (If the application is recognized, you need to pay USD 300 as certificate fee).

2. Fast channel

Fast channel is a charging service (it charges USD 500 as service fee). By choosing the service, you may obtain the rapid service of recognition within 20 working days. (Procedures for fast channel: 15 working days for reexamination and 5 working days for certificate issuance.)

3. On-site Authentication

You may invite authenticators from WRA to conduct on-site authentication. If the project you apply is recognized, the certificate may be issued on the spot.

On-site authentication is a charging service. No matter the project you apply is recognized or not, you need to pay for the transportation, accommodation and a certain amount of appearance fee.